Scott McInnis

01 .. Occulum O
02 .. Griffith G
03 .. Frequency Wines F
04 .. Hewlett-Packard H
05 .. DiPalermo D
06 .. Trudeau Bread T
07 .. Base Chalk B
08 .. Sports Basement S


— Label Design —

Medusa's Glare

Running on the success of the new DiPalermo label, Frequency Wines approached me to create a new label with the name and style of my own design. After a bit of research I decided to approach the project with a blend of occult and agency.

Working under and aura of Freemasons, visions of Illuminati, and iconography from a variety of fraternal organizations, I began whittling down the imagery I wanted to showcase. The eye and triangle became common symbols from which to expand upon and build the brand.

I almost always begin designing with micro sketches to flesh out the general shape and layout, then work my way up to larger sketches before tracing details into a life-size illustration. After a variety of renditions, the form begins to resolve into the polished final design.

Projects almost always begin as quick exploratory sketches.
Successful sketches are expanded upon with additional details and possibilities.
Chosen designs are fleshed out with illustrative flare.
Finalizing touches are added before digital rendering takes place.

Griffith Observatory

— Web Design & Development —

The Ultimate Overlook

Griffith Observatory sits atop Los Angeles as a beacon for the curious. Catering to over a million visitors annually, the gem on the hill needs to be accessible and easy to explore.

Unfortunately, a confusing and antiquated online presence meant the park was reaching and enlightening a smaller audience than it deserved. A quick update to their navigation system and editting their online content made for a beautiful simplification that mirrors Griffith's call for exploration and discovery.

Frequency Wine Co.

— Branding & Web Design —

Harmony in a Bottle

Frequency Wines is known for their partnerships with artists throughout the country to symbiotically expose artists with artisans. I designed their original labels to best showcase the artists work on the bottle.

When Frequency Wines wanted to update their original label to include more information, they trusted me to retain all of their elegence, while adding all the flare and details for a work of art.

The original, subtle, yet delicate label still adorns the bottom of the Artist Series bottles. At the time of its creation, the winemaker was looking for the smallest possible label to pair with their approachable, elegant wines. A delicately embossed terrain map highlights the sculpted nature of the wines through years or artisanal handling and preparation.

They soon wanted to expand their branding collateral to include items such as tasting menus, promotional cards and signage for their new tasting room in downtown Santa Barbara. While the signage was being carved and painted, the tasting menu and 2 for 1 cards were pressed and polished.

As for the tasting notes, Winemaker Zac Wasserman, wanted to retain the elegance of the wine labels, but blend in an aire of whimsy. Easy to understand, with extra breathing room and just enough extraneous commentary to allow the taster to engage with the wines, these tasting notes help bring the wines to life.

Additional info, such as soil quality and food pairings aid in differentiating one wine from another, while also harvesting a more approachable tone than other wines usually allow.

Additionally, I designed and developed, pairing their wines with an equally elegant online presence.


— Web Dev & Merchandising —

Innovation at Work

From November of 2014 through October 2017 I was employed as the Senior Graphic Designer for the HP online store developing banners, sites and circulars for one of the premier online retailers. I developed a huge collection of hero banners for the HP Store. Coded and animated in HTML, these banners were distributed for use throughout the world for HP. Items like button type, location, color, copy and more were all A/B tested on a regular basis to increase clicks, follow-through and conversion.

Below is a selection of pages from one of the many digital ad-scans used to help promote HP products and services throughout the major shopping holidays. The full 24-page Black Friday document, brought in over a million dollars from sponsored partnerships alone.


— Label Design —

Regal Elegance

Frequency Wines approached me when looking to update and elevate their luxury wine offering. In order to keep with the brand standards, I designed an intricate debossing plate to pair the opulence of the wine, with the subtle styling of Frequency wines.

Reminiscent of carved marble monuments that stand the test of time, the new label evinces an elemental sense refinement and power. DiPalermo winemakers sought to stand out from a crowded retail space, by promoting the artisanal craft they put into every bottle. I began experimenting with a variety of layouts, using color as a bold statement, but quickly realized that a dynamic change to the shape would emphasize the uniqueness of the winemakers approach to their work.

Trudeau Bread Co.

— Packaging Design —

Heaven Rising

A small bread company came to me for an identity and logo for their acclaimed loaves. Trudeau focuses on artisanal baked goods through a mixture of rustic techniques and experimental ingredients. Working without running water or electricity, each loaf is carefully handcrafted and baked to perfection. They were looking for a simply logo that could be easily applied to their packaging.

Desiring a handmade touch to emphasize their humble roots, I began to hone in on a illustration style that would ring true to their dedicated customers. Through investigation of historical bread company logos, I noticed that many appear as shield-like emblems that evince strength and age-old wisdom. Trial and error led to the eventual oval shape for its welcoming appeal.

Hand-drawn type, was a necessity for this logo, but honing in on the specific specimens took quite a bit of experimentation. Once the layout and design were finalized I produced a laser-cut stamp for the clients, and helped flesh out their first production run of screen printed bread bags.

Base Chalk

— Packaging Design —

Solid Footing

Stability and durability, all in a reusable, recyclable container. The Base logo showcases the strength of the overall product. Final packaging was decided to be screen printed onto large, refillable, snap-lid mason jars.

Base Chalk wanted to emphasize their commitment to a green business through their packaging, By eschewing plastics, they decreased their footprint on the planet, while also creating a strong, clean design aesthetic. For chalk blocks, paper and cardboard packaging worked well enough, but loose chalk required a reimagining of design, and materials.

Since climbers quite literally put their lives in their own hands, they are particularly focused on having the best preparation, and most trustworthy equipment possible. As with all clients, I provided Base with a multitude of options that evinced the strong foundation and dependable quality that differentiates their products from a crowded and well defined market.

Sports Basement

— Merchandising Signage —

Solid Footing

Every year millions of dollars are spent on winter hardgoods. To help save energy and resources for their floor staff, Sports Basement approached me to create informational signage that would help customers understand their products better.The final signs would need to help explain differences between over 200 ski and snowboard gear items.